Real-time Snaplistings for Real Estate

real-time-snaplistings-for-real-estateIn New York, there’s now a brand new way of finding an apartment. You can use Snaplistings, which is a new account on Snapchat being used by real estate agents to show off listings. More and more users are turning to the popular app to find high-profile agents and their listed property.

Meet the Creators of the App

Michael Hoffman and Dolly Meckler are the creative minds behind Snaplistings. Meckler says that the photos of a refurbished patio and kitchen at a friend’s house aroused some interest. The short clip, featuring a tour of the kitchen and house, was shared on her personal Snapchat account and before long, there were several queries about it. This was the birth of Snaplistings.

Then, research and collaboration with Hoffman led to the innovation. Part of the work for the duo involved using word of mouth to seek out well-known real estate agents. They meanwhile created castings to feature established real estate agents.

The benefit of this account is that realtors can now reach a much more vast audience. It’s also convenient since so many are used to the functions of Snapchat and are familiar with the app. The results are impressive for the agents. They are not only receiving Direct Messages (DMs), but their followers are also reaching out via email when looking for a property and requesting to view it. Many realtors are of the opinion that this new innovation is changing the face of real estate.

Real-time Feedback

Whilst the agents work in the field, Hoffman and Meckler share real-time information on things like the ideal places to head to next or how they can better present their expertise as well as their personality. They’re basically the producers behind the scenes of Snaplistings. They ensure that realtors have properties that resonates with their audience.

The duo has succeeded in combining affordability and entertainment. For agents, every deal counts. This means that there are leads to follow which have been created by Snaplistings. With this new innovation, real estate is just a tap away. Many have even called it “real estate voyeurism.”

A call to action was posted by the duo inviting people to recommend interested agents to join Snaplistings. There are already plans to sell the idea countrywide in 2017. Who knows, maybe it’ll even make it’s way to Toronto!



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