5 Ways to Subtly Decorate Your House this Holiday Season While Preparing for a Sale

5-ways-to-subtly-decorate-your-house-this-holiday-season-while-preparing-for-a-saleEnhance your home for Christmas

For most homeowners, decorating their home for the holiday season is something they look forward to each year. But if you’re selling your home this holiday, you might consider bypassing the ornamentation just for this year; prospective buyers may be overwhelmed, and that might stop them from being able to see the amazing things your house has to offer. Read further to understand some subtle decorating tips that can assist you in decorating without letting it get in the way of your sale:

Decorate with the smell of the holiday season.

If you’re worried about decoration getting in the way of potential customers enquiring to see your house, consider decorating aromatically. Leave around some holiday-scented candles to help your home communicate the warmth that is associated with the holidays. Just a candle or two will do, you don’t want potential buyers becoming offended by overwhelming scents.

The kitchen has a tendency to be the most used room in a home. It’s where families discuss their day and gather nightly to break bread. For this reason, having a kitchen table is an excellent method to help make the room look cozy. Dining table decorations featuring a decorative dish with some greenery and festive fruit can make your kitchen come alive during the holidays. If you don’t decorate any other space in your home, this kitchen centerpiece will remind buyers of the season without overpowering the home with décor.

Downsize your Christmas tree.

While a seven foot Christmas tree adorned with decorations and stringlights in the centre of your living room can be very beautiful, it’s not helpful when you’re attempting to showcase the area to potential buyers. When buyers come through your property, have them view the room in its entireness, without an enormous pine tree in the way. In the event that you really can’t go one year minus the scent of pine in-the-air, consider opting for a table-top size one. It is possible to set a mini shrub on an end table to greatly help give your home a touch of holiday nature without letting it completely dominate the area.

Showcase your front door.

Christmas lights strung on the outside of your home really are a basic as it pertains to holiday decoration. But when you’re trying to market your home, other decorations along with lights really can take from your house’s curb appeal. A badly executed layout can cheapen your property and ensure it appears cluttered and messy. Focus on designing only the front entrance in case you can’t forgo this year without decorating the exterior of your home. Consider putting up a wreath that is lovely, or ribbons embellished in your front door with gold bells. It supplies the exterior of your home with holiday style without being overly distracting to prospective customers.

Focus on the mantel.

In a family room or even a bedroom, the fireplace regularly functions as a place where families like to be together accompanied by the heat of the fire. Here is the best place to place some simple decor to help bring some extra warmth to the room. Displaying some candles, a couple of pinecones, or even an elegant snow globe can actually create an enchanting look for the holiday period. Should you elect to decorate your mantel, remember to leave the rest of your space with minimal decor.

Source: http://www.doitwithsam.com/blog/46-5-ways-to-subtly-decorate-your-house-this-holiday-season-while-preparing-for-a-sale.html


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