Five Signs that your Home Desperately Needs Renos Done

1481196394_five-signs-that-your-home-desperately-needs-renos-doneRenovating a home can end up being a costly venture if not well planned. If you plan it well, it shouldn’t become a major headache for you; as a matter of fact, remodeling can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. Lots of subcontractors abound that are professionals at performing whatever renovation plan you have in mind. Maybe you prefer to take on the project all by yourself; whatever your inclination is, it is your choice. Remodeling your home is certainly not only going to make your home look brighter, but its value will continue to be enhanced.

However, renovating your home shouldn’t be done on a whim. There are signs you need to take note of that will indicate that your home needs to be restored. Let’s take a look at five signs that your home desperately needs renovation:

1. Damaged Roof – One of the most overlooked parts of the house is the roof. Unless it seriously begins to leak when rain falls, most homeowners just forget about it, not keeping in mind that it could also get damaged. Most times, you cannot see your roof when you stand right in front of it, or sometimes, even from the road. The best option is to get a roof ladder and go up there to take a look at its condition. A damaged roof tends to cost a lot of money to fix, not including how much you will shell out to the workers that fix it for you. Therefore, check to see if the roof is rusting or not, and check for any sign of porosity, leakage, dents, etc.

2. Cracks – Cracks are commonly found in houses that are old, or not built properly using the best building materials. When cracks occur in the plaster, it is a sign that moisture could seep through to cause further damage.

3. Dampness or Rot – When checking out the roof, you should also endeavor to have a look at the ceilings for signs of rotted wood or planks. The floors, corners of windows, as well as the rooms, must be thoroughly inspected for any anomaly that might signify the need for renovations. Dampness causes wood to rot, and if such is found in the foundations, that could take a huge chunk out of your savings. Therefore, the earlier you discover this, the less it would cost you to fix,

4. Houses built on concrete slabs provide extreme difficulty when the plumbing needs to be replaced. This is why buyers of new homes need to inspect or find out if the home that is about to be paid for is built on concrete or not. It is also no easy task to change the layout of a house that is built on concrete.

5. Old houses have taken a lot of wear over the years, and if the house you live in was built more than twenty years ago, then you can be sure that a lot of renovation will be required. Old houses come with old roofs that could have begun leaking without your knowledge unless you check the roofing pretty often. You may need to replace or repair the joinery in case proper maintenance was not in order before you bought the house.

Therefore, if you begin to notice these five signs that your home desperately needs renovations, then you better act fast before more damage occurs, which could lead you to spend more money on remodeling.



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